Life can be hard. We all encounter struggles and challenges that leave us feeling overwhelmed and broken. Our Life Care ministry is here to support you through those struggles and equip you to handle them in a way that draws you closer to God. We seek to serve all members and attendees of The Summit Church by providing free consultation to help you move in the right direction. Contact Life Care at


This service provides an initial counseling assessment. This will help make the best connection with a competent, professional resource. The Life Care Department will maintain contact with this referral source for continued support.

Contact Life Care at to schedule an assessment.

Ultimate Journey

Explore Truth, Discover Love, Walk In Freedom

What is The Ultimate Journey?  This Christ-centered, small-group discipleship process will equip you with the tools you need to live your life with nothing to prove, nothing to lose, nothing to fear, and nothing to hide! If you are feeling spiritually stuck, having difficulties getting over the past, find yourself hurting the people you love or living without hope, The Ultimate Journey is ready to guide you toward the freedom you’ve been looking for.

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