The Big Serve


Instead of gathering together in our buildings on September 30 and October 3, we will gather throughout our community to bring hope and encouragement to our neighbors.


Click the link for your location to find a serving opportunity for you and your family. We’ve designed these for individuals of all ages, and with families and groups in mind.

If you consider The Summit home, but aren’t local to our area, check out the ideas below to serve the community where you live! Thank you for loving first!


  • Bake cookies and deliver to your local hospice center.
  • For young children: Make cards and deliver to a local nursing center for those who have not had many family interactions.
  • Do a prayer walk in your neighborhood asking God to show you who needs some extra encouragement or kindness. Follow up on that by delivering a meal, pulling in their trashcans, or whatever need presents itself.
  • Do a chore in your home that is not normally yours to do and let the person assigned to that chore have some time to themselves!
  • Find out what a family member, friend, coworker, or neighbor’s favorite snack is and surprise them with it the next day (or even this afternoon).
  • Whatever you do today, choose to go last.
  • Leave a note or treat in the mailbox for your mail carrier or Amazon delivery driver.
  • Send a Door Dash gift card to someone you know who is sick.
Next Steps
Whether you’re ready to celebrate your decision to follow Jesus through baptism, or connect with others through serving or groups, we can help you take your next step.