As followers of Jesus, it’s second nature to want to help during a crisis – especially one that has affected every part of our community. Here are some practical ways you can respond with love first as we navigate this together.


We’re serving our community alongside our partnering agencies to meet the needs of those affected by this crisis. Needs and opportunities change on a daily basis.


By giving online, you make it possible for us to meet the demands of ministering to our community. Give now to become part of something bigger and help alleviate the economic burden of those most affected.


In this season of social distancing, staying connected to one another helps us not lose sight of faith in a time of fear. Online Groups at The Summit are a great way to find community while we’re apart. Circle up for 6 weeks during our next series “Say What?”.


Prayer changes us; it connects us with our Heavenly Father and brings an unexplainable peace. So pray for your neighbors. Pray for our leaders. Pray for our medical professionals and first-responders. And if you need prayer, we’re here for you.