Life can be hard. We all encounter struggles that leave us feeling overwhelmed and broken. The brokenness becomes more than just sadness and worry. Before we know it, we feel like we’re drowning but too exhausted to fight.

Our current series, “The Struggle,” is an honest discussion about the silent killers of anxiety, depression, and suicide. What does God say about it, really? What can we do about it, truly? Whether it’s you, or someone you care about, there is hope. Visit one of our locations, or watch online.

In addition to our series, we invite you to join us for Conversations Live on Sunday, February 9 from 4-6pm as we further our discussion on anxiety, depression, and suicide. You’ll hear from an expert on these topics, those who have overcome these struggles, and get your questions answered through a live Q&A. The cost is $10 per person. To register, sign up at the link below.




Our Life Care ministry is here to support you through those challenges and equip you to take a step in the right direction. Contact Life Care at 336-769-1966 ext 36, or to speak with us. Below, you’ll find resources to help you and your loved ones take next steps to confront and change addictive behaviors. For a list of other agencies and organizations to contact for additional resources, click here.