Life can be hard. We all encounter struggles that leave us feeling overwhelmed and broken. Often, we inadvertently reach for the wrong things to comfort us. Before we know it, we’re caught in the undertow of an addiction.

Our upcoming series, “The Struggle” is about recognizing the grip of addiction in your life or the life of a loved one, and understanding there is a way out. There is freedom. There is hope. Below, you’ll find resources to help you and your loved ones take next steps to confront and change addictive behaviors. Join us at one of our locations or online beginning 2/28/19.

Our Life Care ministry is here to support you through those challenges and equip you to take a step in the right direction. Contact Life Care at 336-769-1966 ext 36, or to speak with us.

For a list of other agencies and organizations to contact for additional addiction resources, click here.



Shane and Alisha Pugh’s Story