Someone in your corner

Life can be hard. We all encounter struggles and challenges that leave us feeling overwhelmed and broken. Our Life Care ministry is here to support you through those struggles and equip you to handle them in a way that draws you closer to God. We seek to serve all members and attendees of The Summit Church by providing a consultation to help you move in the right direction. Contact Life Care at



Life Care provides our church with resources to encounter life challenges with support and encouragement. We can connect you with local counselors and therapists, life and leadership coaches, and trained mentors that can come beside you in any struggle you may be facing. We would be happy to help make the best connection for you with a competent, professional resource.

Contact Life Care at 336-769-1966 extension 36 or to speak with us.



Explore Truth, Discover Love, Walk In Freedom

What is The Ultimate Journey? This Christ-centered, small-group discipleship process will equip you with the tools you need to live your life with nothing to prove, nothing to lose, nothing to fear, and nothing to hide! If you are feeling spiritually stuck, having difficulties getting over the past, find yourself hurting the people you love or living without hope, The Ultimate Journey is ready to guide you toward the freedom you’ve been looking for.

Registration is closed at this time.



Strengthening Marriages

Have you had a desire to enhance your marriage, to make it stronger, and more fulfilling? Whether that is improving how you communicate or being more sensitive to each others’ needs and expectations, we could all make things better in our marriage by adjusting how each person is loving and supporting the other.

We can help you. In our Life Care Ministry, we have Certified Marriage Enhancement mentors to come beside healthy marriages and make them even better. If this is something that you would like to discuss, please contact us at 336-769-1966 x36 or, and we would be happy to suggest some resources for you to consider.

Pre-Marital Ministry

If you are considering marriage or would like to use one of our TSC pastors to officiate your ceremony, contact us at 336-769-1966 x36 or We will be delighted to assist you in pre-marital counseling resources through our church with SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) Certified counselors.



Below are audio podcasts recorded by our Life Care department as a resource to help you through different challenges you or a loved one may face, offering Biblical perspective and expert counsel. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

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