Next Steps

We don’t just go to church; we are the church. So let’s engage and be the church! No matter how or where you attend, online or in-person, we all have a next step. Below are a few opportunities to explore. Let’s discover together what your next step could be.

Girl smiling talking to friends


Because Jesus invited everyone

Inviting someone to church isn’t as hard as you think. It’s simply having a conversation and sharing what God is doing in your own life through your experiences at The Summit.

Whether in-person or online, one of the simplest ways to invite someone is through social media. Follow our social media accounts for your location and share posts to encourage, empower, and inspire your friends.
Woman getting baptized


Because following Jesus is worth celebrating

Baptism is both a celebration and a declaration. It’s an outward expression of an inward decision to trust and follow Jesus. It publicly identifies you with Jesus as His follower and with your brothers and sisters in Christ. If you're ready to be baptized and openly declare your trust in Jesus as His follower, register below.
Guest Services volunteer greeting people outside.


Because Jesus put others first

Looking to make a difference in your community? Serving is a great way to get connected and share the love of Jesus with others. Click below to learn more about our volunteer opportunities available at The Summit.
Group of friends in a circle with hands together.


Because following Jesus is better together

We weren't meant to do life alone, and we believe growing your faith is no different. If you're feeling disconnected, group life can help you begin to live in community with others. Click below to find your people and explore options for groups.
Give to The Summit Church


Because Jesus has given so much

Giving doesn’t just affect what we give to, it changes us in the process. Click below to learn more about giving here at The Summit Church.

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