Life wasn’t meant to be meaningless. The things God has called us to do here at The Summit have a distinct impact on our hearts and the community around us when we engage. Instead of passing up these opportunities with a “Nah, I’m Good” mentality, in our upcoming series we’ll talk about the “why” behind it all and discover the great things we can accomplish together.

Receive and Share: What happens if we don’t encounter, embrace, and interact with Jesus’ love, personally? Receiving His love is an ongoing experience; we don’t get it all at once – so when we are not actively exploring the realities of His love, we miss out on His best for us in this life. We can’t share what we haven’t received.

Groups: We were not created to live in isolation from others; we were created for relationships. So keeping to ourselves denies a fundamental element of the purpose of our lives on earth – each other. Find your people and don’t miss out on journeying through this life together.

Serve: Jesus called us to serve and meet needs in the lives of others. He even said that when we serve others, we are serving and loving Him. We are God’s plan “A” to serve the world. There is no plan “B.” Discover ways you can use your gifts to make a difference in the world around you.

Give: God is a giver. When we give, we meet needs and embrace blessings that God has specifically promised to those to who give. We enjoy being a blessing to others and seeing God use us for a bigger purpose. We get to be part of something bigger and better than just our own life and agenda.

Invite: We naturally spread the word when it comes to things we are excited about and are convinced about. Jesus is counting on us to do the same in regards to our relationship with Him. Don’t miss out on the joy of being partners with Jesus in fulfilling His mission on earth.