Hey Summit Peeps!

Well, the crisis and craziness continues…It’s difficult for all of us to know what to think or do next in response to all we are being bombarded with. There’s so much info being hurled at us; this COVID-19 thing changes by the day. It’s a time for responsibility and trust. In other words, wash your hands and trust the Lord!

In addition, we fight off feelings of fear and worry. I know I’ve had bouts with fear, even this morning. Remember that fear is an opportunity to redirect our focus to our Heavenly Father. We must choose to respond to fear with deeper levels of faith in our Savior. I know, easier said than done; but He will help us trust Him. With His help, we can. 

Now, on to all The Summit update stuff:

  • This weekend: We will NOT be meeting at any of our locations this coming Thursday (3/19) or Sunday (3/22), which you probably already assumed. Fortunately, when we can’t gather physically, we can still unite in purpose, mission, and worship from wherever we are. I am so grateful for the technology that allows us to do this. So we will be bringing all three locations together and worshipping God together ONLINE again this coming weekend (more info below).  
  • Upcoming events: All ministry events and gatherings at all locations are suspended until further notice.  
  • Family ministries: If you have children/students in our Peak, KidSummit, or Impact environments, check our social media feeds for those ministries for specific information and resources to help you and your children stay connected. 
  • Online giving: It is essential that we remain faithful in our financial giving during this time. Please use our online giving option to give and help us meet the demands of ministering to our community. Even though we are not meeting together, we are still doing ministry together. We are continuing to check with all of our local partner agencies (schools, shelters, etc…) to see how we can best serve them as they deal with the overwhelming need now present in our community. When you give, you help us continue to “Love First” in the Triad. 
  • 20 days in God’s word: Join us for our 20-day Bible reading each day during our current “20/20” series via our app. If you don’t have The Summit Church App, download it from the Apple Store or Google Play, and enable push notifications. You’ll be sent a new reading each morning. 
  • Current series: Join us online for week two of our “20/20” series as we continue to renew and refocus on the mission and purpose of our church and discover how that applies to each of us. If you missed week one, go catch up! You need to know what “Love First” means! Week two of “20/20” will be on-demand all weekend beginning at 6:30pm on Thursday and into next week. 
  • Invite a friendThis is the perfect opportunity to invite someone to check out The Summit – yes, even online. In an ever-increasing skeptical world, many people may prefer to watch online before they show up in person. So this is actually the perfect time to invite them to give it a try. And week two of this series might be the perfect message for someone who is checking out our church for the first time.

We will continue to monitor this coronavirus situation and keep you up to speed as it relates to our church. Please check our social media outlets and our website often for the latest updates, opportunities for you to get involved, and to stay up to date on our current “20/20” series.

Wash your hands, trust the Lord,
Pastor Jonathan