Hello Summit Peeps,
Well, we are all in another week of social distancing, working from home, homeschooling, binging Netflix, and doing a lot more cooking than we are probably used to. Others of you are out there working in less than desirable situations. Sending a special, big Thank You to all medical workers and first responders!

I pray that you are all well and choosing to replace feelings of fear with moments of greater faith in your Heavenly Father. Even when faith is feeble, what matters most is the fact that you’re choosing faith in God. The object of your faith (your Heavenly Father) is more important than the quality of your faith. A little faith in a great big God goes a long way!

Here’s what you need to know this week:

New Series this weekend: We are pausing our “20/20” series and beginning a new series called “What Now?”. For the next two weeks, we are going to talk about this COVID-19 crisis specifically: What are we to do, and Where’s God in all of it?. It’ll be a different, but one we all need. This is the perfect time to let your friends and family know that they too can join us virtually. Send them a link to our website. Invite them! You will be able to watch the latest service beginning Thursday at 6:30pm. Then it will be on-demand anytime from then on into the weekend. You watch and worship when it’s best for you and yours.

Check the Website: Our website will remain the best place for you to go for all things Summit during this time: updates, watching online, ways to get involved, Peak, KidSummit, Impact, and Giving.

Watch on YouTube: Did you know that you can also watch our online services on our YouTube channel? Click here to subscribe, and you can be notified anytime we upload anything new.

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Giving Online: Help us continue to minister to and meet needs in our community during this crisis by being faithful with your financial giving. Even though we’re not meeting together, we’re still doing ministry together! You can give by clicking here.

LIVE Time of Prayer: Join me LIVE for a short time of reflection and prayer on my personal Instagram account tomorrow (@jonathanlrobbins), Wednesday, 3/25, around Noon, and also LIVE on your location’s Summit Facebook page Friday, 3/27, around Noon. Let’s come together as a church. It’ll help you refocus your thoughts on your Heavenly Father.

See you all later this week (virtually, of course) for week one of “What Now?”. Invite, virtually, everyone you know! 🙂

And again, wash your hands; trust the Lord!

Grace and Peace be with you,


Pastor Jonathan