Hello Summit Family,

I pray that this finds you well and taking all of the Coronavirus craziness in stride. We are all just kind of adjusting as we go along. There is no script for this; these are unprecedented times for sure.

Let’s do our best, with the help of God, to see these strange days as opportunities. Yes, I know it’s hard to do that, especially in the face of all we are facing physically, emotionally, and financially. We will look back on this time with much more clarity than we have presently while we are in it. One thing that will guide us well now is the question, “What will I wish I would have done?“, with that time, with those moments? That question will lead you into wisdom along the way.

Here’s what you need to know this week:

Easter’s still coming: Even though we can’t meet in person, we’re still planning to celebrate “Easter at Home” with you online. There will also be a Good Friday virtual communion experience available for you and your family. (more details next week)

Check the website: Our website will remain the best place for you to go for all things Summit during this time: updates, watching online messages, ways to get involved, Peak, KidSummit, Impact, and online giving.

Stay tuned: Stay conveniently connected to us and your friends on our social media outlets. Follow your Summit location on social media. And you can also stay up to date on our video content on our YouTube channel. Click here to subscribe, and you can be notified anytime we upload anything new.

Give online: The Summit is still meeting needs in our community during this crisis; and when you give, you’re a part of making that happen. Even though we’re not meeting together, we’re still doing ministry together! You can give by clicking here.

Find God: So where’s God in all this Coronavirus craziness? Join us for week two of “What Now?” as we dive into this hotly debated topic. The message, and music, will be available on-demand beginning 6:30pm Thursday. Send a link to a friend and invite them to watch too.

Well that’s it for now. Praying for you! Love you! And remember…

Wash your hands. Trust the Lord.
Pastor Jonathan