Let Us Pray For You: Many of you are facing difficult times relationally, emotionally, spiritually, even financially. We’d like to know how we can pray for you. Submit your prayer request here. We will partner with you asking our Heavenly Father to do what only He can do for you.

Win Every Argument: What if you could win every argument and disagreement you ever have, with anyone? Sound fun?! Well, you can. In week two of our series, “Life Hacks: Relationship Edition”, we’re gonna show you how. It’s really easy to understand, although it’s not that easy to do. Still, you’ll be able to come out on top in any conflict if you’ll do what we’ll learn together this coming weekend. Don’t miss it!

Got Marriage Questions? Times like these can put lots of stress on your marriage. We want to help. During this series on relationships, we’re gonna do another “Conversations: Live” event, but this time, it’s virtual. Pastor Jonathan and his wife, Donna, will be going LIVE at thesummitchurch.live on May 3 at 9pm. They will be answering your questions about marriage and doing our best to leverage what we’ve learned over our 25+ years of marriage to come alongside you in yours. Submit your questions anonymously here. Put the kiddos to bed early that night and join us.

Thank You!: Thank you to all of you who remain faithful in your financial giving. There hasn’t been a time in recent history when your faithfulness to give has been more crucial than now. You are helping us continue to BE the church during a time when so many need to hear from and engage with the church! For those of you who would like to give, you can online on our website or app. And for those of you who want to give but can’t, we are praying for you, that God will provide for you and bring relief and better days very soon.