Summer Camps and Coming Back to Church:

Check out Pastor Jonathan’s latest video where he talks about how COVID-19 has affected our plans for Summer Camps (KidSummit and Impact) and what to expect when it comes to a decision about coming back to attend church at our physical locations. You can watch that video here.


Thank You:

Just because we are not meeting together during this time, doesn’t mean we can’t still do ministry together. We are, and you’re part of it all. When you give, you help us meet so many needs in our community, helping so many people experience what it means to “Love First”. You can give through our website and app. Thank you for giving!


Don’t Miss a Thing:

Stay connected with all things “Summit” during this COVID-19 reality by visiting our website and app, following us on our social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and by subscribing to our YouTube channel.


How Can We Help?:

What are the needs you are facing during this COVID-19 crisis? How can we pray for you? Submit your request here. We’re here to help however best we can as a church family.


New Series:

Crisis has a way of bringing up big questions in life like: “How did we get here?”, “What’s the real problem and the best solution?”, and “Where do I fit into it all?” Join us this weekend for a new series called “Made for This” where we’re gonna answer these questions and more.