Do You Know the Answer?

Join us this coming weekend for week two of our series “Made For This”. We’ll be tackling the big questions of “What’s the real problem?” in the world around us and “Is there a solution?” You just might discover the answers to these questions are the same for the world, our nation, and even you personally.

Do You “Give” Worship?

During this time we are not able to physically meet for worship services, one of the many ways we can continue to proclaim our worship personally to God is through giving financially. Remembering that giving is an act of worship to God helps us see the meaning and value and purpose of giving. You can give on our website and app. (And be looking for another Video in this coming weekend’s online service experience highlighting things we are able to do in our communities because you give.)

Do You Have a Need?

This COVID-19 crisis has affected us all differently, yet it still has affected us all. What are the needs you are facing? So how can we pray for you? Submit your request here.

Are You Praying for The Summit?

As our state begins to open up more and more, we will begin carefully considering what this means for our church. Please pray for our pastors, staff, and leadership teams as we make decisions on how and when it will be wisest for us to meet again. We miss you!

Are You in the Loop?

Stay connected with all things “Summit” during this COVID-19 reality by visiting our website and app, following us on our social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and by subscribing to our YouTube channel.