When Will The Summit Reopen?

As our state begins to reopen in many ways, we are prayerfully and wisely considering what this means for us as a church. Be sure to watch Pastor Jonathan’s update video where he brings us all up to speed about what to expect in the coming weeks.

Thank You for Giving

Thank you for continuing to honor God and support the mission of The Summit with your financial giving. We simply could not do what we have been able to do for our church family and our community without your faithfulness to give. Only eternity will fully reveal the depth of the impact that your individual gifts, whether you consider them small or big, are having. Thank you! You can always give on our website and app.

We Want To Help

This COVID-19 crisis has affected us all differently, yet it still has affected us all. What are the needs you are facing? How can we pray for you? Submit your request and need here.

Watch It Again

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and you’ll be able to go back to watch, listen, and worship again and again with our band. Plus, you’ll be notified every time we post something new.

Know Where You Fit In

Join us this coming weekend for the final week of our series “Made For This”. We’ll be looking at the bigger picture of where everything in the world is headed and specifically, where you and I fit into all of it. And if you’ve missed any of the first two weeks of this series, be sure to catch up so that you have the full picture of how it all fits together.