When Will We Meet In-Person Again?

Many of you are wondering and asking. We will update our plans on re-opening once Governor Cooper has laid out the plans and changes for “Phase 3”, which we hope will be sometime in the next few days. Once our leadership team has a plan for how to wisely and safely begin in-person services again, Pastor Jonathan will lay that plan out for us. Thank you for your patience and consideration.


Virtual Camp KidSummit

Camp KidSummit is going virtual this summer. Make your plans for July 13-16. Don’t let your kids miss out; it’ll be an experience to remember for years to come! You can register your child by clicking here.


Why We Give

Let us not forget that the primary reason we give financially to the Lord’s work through The Summit is out of obedience and worship to Him. We give because He asks us to. We give because He has given us so much, all of us. We give because it’s an act of worship to Him. You can give by clicking here


Have You Lost Your Job?

This COVID-19 crisis has disrupted the jobs of many. If you have lost a job, and you know of a way we can help you as a church, please reach out and let us know. What are the needs you are facing? How can we pray for you? Submit your request or need here.


Oh… About God

This weekend we will wrap up our series on the story of Jonah called “Overboard”, and we will discover some very interesting things about God. And you might be surprised to find out perhaps God is nothing like you thought He was, even if you’ve been following Him for years. See you online this weekend.