Reopening Update

You may be wondering what The Summit’s plan is for in-person worship services. Pastor Jonathan is sharing the latest update, and you can watch that video here.


What’s Your Next Step?

As we learned in week 2 of our current series “Faith Is”, there are multiple ways to live out our faith and “be the church”. We are here to help you take a next step. Let us know which one is yours.

  1. Publicly declare your decision to trust and follow Jesus through Baptism.
  2. Grow with others and in your faith in Christ by connecting into a Group.
  3. Find a Serve opportunity to bring hope by loving first.
  4. Give to the mission of The Summit, and make a difference in the community and across the world.
  5. Invite others by telling them what you love about The Summit.


Current Series

Join us for the final week of “Faith Is” as we continue to learn what a life of faith really is. We’ll also share Communion at Home to remember and celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, so gather your bread/crackers and juice/win to get ready. Join us online as early as 6:30pm this Thursday.