Reopening Survey and Update

Take a few minutes and watch Pastor Jonathan’s latest video update where he talks about the recent survey in regards to reopening for in-person worship services and some important financial updates for our church. You can watch that video here.

Camp KidSummit at Home

Camp KidSummit is going virtual this summer. Make your plans for July 13-16. Don’t let your kids miss out; it’ll be an experience to remember for years to come! You can register your child by clicking here.

If You Are In Need…

This COVID-19 crisis has disrupted all of our lives, but some more than others. If you are facing a need that you cannot meet because of this crisis, we want to know how we can help as a church. What are the needs you are facing? How can we pray for you? Submit your request or need here.

New Series Starts This Week

This weekend we begin a new series called “Summer Break”. It’s a series about the things that typically make Summer time so great and how we can discover the things that God has to say about it all. We will learn that the things that make Summer such a wonderful experience are the things we need all year long. Join us.