Oak Ridge Technical Director
Full-Time Employee – Reports to Oak Ridge Campus Pastor

The OR Technical Director (ORTD) is responsible for managing the audio, multimedia, lighting and stage aspects of service production. The Technical Director is a leader who models a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and reports to the Oak Ridge Campus Pastor.


  • Recruit, train, schedule, and manage all tech volunteers
  • Coordinate and prepare all the Audio / Video / Lighting Equipment / Stage Elements
    for the adult worship and student ministry environment.
  • Collaborate with the Production team at all locations.
  • Make recommendations to OR Campus Pastor for System and Environment Improvements (how can I make it better?)
  • Oversee the student and children’s ministry production needs at OR
  • Oak Ridge Equipment Maintenance
    Keep ALL equipment in good functioning order
    Minimize downtime by expediting repairs as priority
    Keep labeling up to date (case labels, cable labels, equipment labels)
  • Oak Ridge tech supplies (keep gaff tape, batteries, haze fluid in stock)
  • Manage tech budget with Campus Pastor
  • Proper setup of the Audio / Video / Lighting systems on campus
    – Ensure proper placement of equipment in cases, proper cable handling
  • Prepare Dataton Watchout Software presentations for adult and Impact services.
  • Create lighting shows each week for Adult and Impact Services.
  • Attend Production Team, Series Planning, Service evaluation, and All Staff Meetings
  • Information Technology Responsibilities: Assist staff with computer issues at OR

Evaluation and Compensation – The Technical Director receives an annual performance evaluation. Compensation is reviewed annually by Campus Pastor.

Submit all resumés with cover letter to Andy Cook at

Job Title: Worship and Impact Director – Jamestown
Reports to: Campus Pastor – Jamestown (Dotted line to Global Worship Pastor)
Position: Full Time (40 Hours)

Overview: The Worship and Impact Director is responsible for providing administration and leadership for the Worship & Impact Student Ministries at the Jamestown location. This person reports directly to the Campus Pastor (CP) at Jamestown.

Worship Director – Jamestown Responsibilities:

  • Work in alignment with our global vision for worship and our Global Worship Pastor.
  • Collaborate with other location Worship Directors to select songs and schedule a healthy rotation of team members for weekly worship experiences.
  • Collaborate with Worship Directors to plan and coordinate auditions (with vocalists and instrumentalists) at all locations.
  • Meet regularly with current team members to build relationships, influence and give evaluation and feedback as needed.
  • Lead worship team during band practice and weekend services.
  • Share the responsibility of maintaining needed supplies, setup and teardown of equipment for weekly services and events with the Jamestown Tech Director.
  • Complete and manage Worship Budget for Jamestown.
  • Meet with CP regularly for planning and collaboration.
  • Complete Goals and targets on time to be reviewed by CP.
  • Attend Staff Meetings.


Impact Director – Jamestown Responsibilities:

  • Cast vision, give oversight and provide administration to the Impact ministry in Jamestown.
  • Oversee recruitment, coaching, development, and leadership of volunteer leaders.
  • Oversee and schedule the Impact band as needed and to scale for large group worship experiences at Jamestown.
  • Responsible for organizing and leading set up and tear down team for large group Impact gatherings as needed.
  • Create a consistent Sunday morning Impact presence in the hallways at Ragsdale High School that gives students, parents and leaders an opportunity to connect.
  • Look for specific ways to partner with parents in the spiritual development of their students.
  • Encourage student participation with serving other church ministry environments and local and global opportunities provided by the Summit Serve ministry.
  • Provide leadership for Impact events outside of the worship gatherings and small group experiences.
  • Complete and manage Impact Budget for Jamestown.
  • Collaborate with the other Impact Directors on a regular basis.
  • Attend and participate in regularly scheduled staff meetings.
  • Develop community relationships with local schools including but not limited to Principals, Athletic Directors, Coaches, and Teachers.
  • Regularly complete goals and targets with input and leadership from the Jamestown Pastor.

Evaluation and Compensation: This position receives an annual performance evaluation. Compensation is reviewed annually and is determined based on a national church compensation survey.

Submit all resumés with cover letter to Brian Marston at