Job Title: Jamestown Campus Pastor

Report To: Executive Pastor of The Summit Church

Position Status: Full-time (40 hours)


Overview: The Jamestown Location is one of a Multi-site family of churches at The Summit Church (TSC) in the Triad of North Carolina. The location is 4 years old with approximately 300 people (total) attending each weekend at Ragsdale High School in Jamestown, NC. Our Campus Pastor (CP) is responsible for collaborating with TSC leadership to reach the Jamestown community and grow the location. The CP should carry the vision of TSC, develop the staff team, and pastor the attendees of the location. The CP will need to build teams, delegate responsibility, train volunteers, and communicate effectively. 



  • Provide pastoral leadership to all attendees of the location. 
  • Create, oversee, and manage an annual budget alongside the Financial Administrator and Executive Pastor of TSC.
  • Lead all JT staff and ministries to align and advance the overall vision of TSC.
  • Assist the JT staff with identifying and recruiting volunteers for all ministries in the church. 
  • Represent TSC in Jamestown and build relationships with community leaders.
  • Lead the charge for serving the community and equipping attendees of JT to do the same. 
  • Plan events, solve problems, evaluate metrics and encourage the JT team in a weekly staff meeting.
  • Take responsibility for and oversee all operations of the campus including services, events, trailers/equipment, and facility rental. 
  • Oversee the numerical and spiritual growth of the location.
  • Responsible for the rented facility while rented and the relationship with their staff. 
  • Encourage the JT staff to collaborate with other TSC staff for ministry alignment.
  • Perform regular performance evaluations for JT staff
  • Attend all Campus Pastor Meetings and 1:1s with Executive Pastor. 
  • Work closely with the Executive Pastor for staff hires.

Evaluation and Compensation: The Jamestown Campus Pastor receives an annual performance evaluation. Compensation is reviewed annually and is determined based on a national church compensation survey.

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Job Title: Social Media Coordinator (Kernersville)

Reports to: Kernersville Ministry Director

Position Status: Part-Time (20) hours


Overview: The Social Media Coordinator is a 20 hour part-time position with responsibility for being an advocate for the KV location ministries. He or she will coordinate and oversee the social media responsibilities for the Kernersville location and collaborate with social media directors of other locations. 


Social Media Responsibility:

Utilize (Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter) to create engagement outside of Sundays for all ministries of the KV location.


  • Develop and implement a social media strategy built on engagement (i.e. likes, views, comments and shares) which advocates for the individual ministries.
    • Review performance of all social media platforms and provide direction on improvements.
    • Analyze current Social Media channels for greater utilization and implement helpful channels not currently in place. 
    • Help us with out of the box solutions and ideas for social media.
  • Utilize SM to promote and increase engagement with our Online Church experience.
  • Continue to recruit and develop Social Media volunteers for areas of help needed.
  • Manage Advertising and Volunteer budget with the Kernersville Ministry Director and Financial Administrator.
  • Coordinate with the Guest Services Director, the Kernersville Ministry Director and the Executive Pastor during emergency procedures and special events.
  • Initiates collaboration with other Social Media staff/employees at other locations while sharing best practices and upcoming ideas before executing.
  • Attend Monthly All Staff Meetings and KV meetings as required.
  • Complete Goals for review with the Kernersville Ministry Director.



  • Marketing background with by degree or previous employment
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Social Media presence on both Facebook and Instagram
  • Demonstrated photography skills

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Job Title: Oak Ridge Impact Director (ID)

Reports To: Oak Ridge Campus Pastor (CP)

Position Status: Full Time


Overview: The Impact Director will manage and oversee ministry to middle and high school students at the Oak Ridge location, while collaborating with Impact Staff of The Summit Church. This ministry is also inclusive of Impact parents and volunteers.

General Responsibilities: 

  • Pursue an authentic and growing relationship with Jesus Christ and development of leadership skills on an ongoing basis. 
  • Live with and Model a high level of integrity. 
  • Create intentional space to pray, think, and evaluate ministry on an ongoing basis. 
  • Be a constant student of culture to assist with creating environments that are engaging to the next generation. 

Impact Student Ministries Responsibilities: 

  • Cast vision, give oversight, and provide administration. 
  • Oversee recruitment, coaching, development, and management of volunteer leaders to flourish in their areas of service. This includes, but is not limited to the following areas, leadership team, small groups, host team, encore, large group teaching, band, and event administration. ID will present a development plan to CP on a quarterly basis. 
  • Create and develop a leadership team to guide students and volunteers. (Coach, develop and manage the team with a weekly meeting)
  • Represent Impact/The Summit in the community and at local schools. Build relationships with local Principals for community connection. (Minimum 1-2 school visit a week, 2 extracurricular activities per month)
  • Encourage student participation in serving in other church ministry environments and community opportunities. 
  • Develop a leadership pipeline of student leaders, including by not limited to… band members (lessons and performing opportunities), service host, and Student Interns. 
  • Assist Campus Pastor & Staff in counseling, teaching, and serving in other church ministries as needed. 
  • Oversee budgeting process and implementation. 
  • Collaborate with other Impact Directors in the vision and systems of the Student Ministries of The Summit Church. 
  • Collaborate with other Impact Directors for scope and cycle, programming and creative process for the weekly student ministry environments of the Student Ministries of The Summit Church. 
  • Represent Impact during adult services and create a touch point for students on Sunday.
  • Office Hours Expectations: Monday-Thursday 8:30-5:00 with the following exceptions.  
    • Once a week – 2:30 – 5:00 offsite to dream/pray/write (Specifics determined with CP)
    • Once a week – 1-2 hours in local school
    • Twice a week – Be present on campus until 5:00 pm (Garage/Theatre) building relationships/developing students. (Lessons, mentoring, Hanging out) 
    • Wednesday afternoon – Leave at 2:00 for Large Group prep (study/pray) 


Evaluation and Compensation the Impact Director receives an annual performance evaluation. Compensation is reviewed annually. 

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