Job Title: Family Ministries Technical Director – Oak Ridge Location of The Summit Church
Reports to: Oak Ridge Technical Director
Position: Part-time (20 hours)

The Family Ministries Technical Director (FMTD) is a part-time position that reports to the Oak Ridge Technical Director (ORTD). The FMTD is primarily responsible for overseeing the execution of the production aspects of Peak, KidSummit, and Impact services. The FMTD helps prepare and execute outstanding weekly services and special event services pertaining to Family Ministries with a focus on technical direction and operation of media, lighting, and sound systems. The FMTD also assists the ORTD for special events and services.


  • Meet with the Family Ministry Directors to assist with service and event planning/evaluation on an as needed basis.
  • Program media (including ProPresenter and playlists), lighting, and sound systems for Oak Ridge Family Ministries in a timely manner, and in advance of services and special events.
  • Oversee execution of all production aspects of Family Ministry services and special events.
  • Recruit and train other reliable and available technical personnel to volunteer in technical roles (Peak, KS, Impact) with support from the ORTD.
  • Lead KidSummit and Impact “run throughs” in the OR theater in combination with the host/communicator, motions team, and production volunteers to ensure smooth transitions.
    Power up/down Family Ministry tech before/after services and events.
  • Schedule Family Ministries Production Team via Planning Center for services and special events
  • Work alongside ORTD to create and build collaborative stage sets.
    Maintain and troubleshoot Family Ministry production equipment in (replacing lights, projectors, Macs, cabling, software updates, etc)
  • Be available to run adult services in the absence of the ORTD.
  • Meet weekly with the ORTD to help guide priorities.
  • Work with Family Ministry Directors and ORTD to stay within budget/projected guidelines.
  • Other duties as assigned.

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